A prize every time!

I am so excited as today I returned from work to discover that I get a free toothbrush & comb in my room!

Yesterday I was surprised with a bath towel and 2 bottles of water appearing as if by magic, and even more excitingly perhaps, both of these have been refreshed today.

I can hardly wait to come back from work tomorrow to discover what else has been provided to add to my stay at the lovely Good Luck Guesthouse!


My working day started with a cup of super strong coffee and some freshly baked bread with Happy Cow cheese spread – the official food of kings IMHO.

Food also featured in our Khmer language and culture lesson.  A rundown of traditional Khmer dishes was followed swiftly by a trip to the market role play which had us all behaving like 5 year olds as we tried to one up each other with ridiculous, grammatically incorrect demands.


Then at lunchtime I was presented with a new notebook and Khmer dictionary  – the equivalent of porn to a stationery whore like me.  Could this day get any better?


Well, thanks to Cock Womble, it did!  Today he was wearing trousers that were 3 inches too short for him.  This hideous sartorial faux pas served as proof positive that my analysis of him yesterday had been correct and gave me a smug self-satisfied glow for the rest of the afternoon.  Childish I know, but hey being an adult can be so bloody boring!


I finally got an induction programme as well today which features 2.5 days of stuff (some briefings about various shiz and an afternoon of house-hunting – woohoo), followed by a meeting with my new bosses on Monday before starting work proper on Tuesday – sure this knowledge is all going to help cure the ongoing insomnia.  Not!


As it rained all afternoon our tuktuk ride was slow, noisy and fume filled.   We gained some light relief ½ way home though by stopping at the local second hand shop and entertaining ourselves with the assorted tat and crap they were selling.


A delicious dinner at The Spice Café was shared with Totie, Kees and Gloria where we chewed over the impending reality for each of us.  Kees and Gloria head off on Thursday for life in the provinces, staying firstly in another guest house whilst they start their jobs proper and find a home.  Totie also starts work on Thursday but she’s staying in Phnom Penh and has found a home which she moves into on Saturday, leaving me alone in the pink paradise.


I’m heading to bed now in the vain hope that sleep will come, but not before I share with you some words of wisdom I discovered in the secondhand shop today.

Whatever’s happening for you right now I hope they help.




3 thoughts on “A prize every time!

  1. Loving every word , girlie, sounds amazing! I’m hoping Sophie move her stuff ( crap) back home,she’s off to Ireland as a missionary for a year, can’t wait for your next post xxxxx

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  2. I think there’s a role out there in Cambodia for me with those mug printing skills

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  3. Kevin Benfield

    Sounds like its as mad as a box of frogs, so fun times ahead xxx


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