There’s been a murder!

So, somewhere in Cambodia yesterday there was a brutal murder.


How do you know this Sara?  I hear you ask.  Well, that’s a very good question which I will answer right now.


Whilst having dinner last night, the restaurant staff turned the tv over to the news channel.  I just happened to glance up from my plate of noodles to see on the screen a rather large meat cleaver covered in blood and the word ‘live’ in the corner of the screen.  Intrigued, I watched a little more but only adverts flashed by whilst a guy babbled on in Khmer.  And then, when I next looked up, there it was.  The camera panning across a blood splattered wall and down to the floor where a bloodied corpse lay. You could clearly see that one foot had been chopped off and the whole torso was covered in blood, whilst the face of the victim had been partially pixelated out.


More adverts followed and then we were outside the apartment block with the paramedics and police carrying out the body, still uncovered and with people standing by, casually looking on.


We then flashed back to the machete (still blood soaked) and a guy who appeared to be demonstrating the moves the murderer had made with said machete.


At this point we decided we’d had enough excitement for one night and headed off home as the murder story continued to unflod.


Just another day in the Kingdom of Wonder I guess!!


Now to today:

I started house hunting.  This involved being met at Good Luck by a lovely smiley man smartly dressed in shirt and trousers.  Lovely smiley man told me he would take me to some apartments (the exact number was not extractable) and invited me to hop on the back of his motorbike.  After gazing with incredulity when I told him I didn’t have a helmet (the incredulity was at the fact I thought I needed one not that I didn’t have one) I suggested I get a tuktuk and follow him.  Suddenly I was extremely popular – I had uttered the immortal words ‘tuktuk’ and suddenly every driver within a five mile radius (slight exaggeration but I like a bit of melodrama now and then) appeared to offer their services.  There was some tough negotiating to be done – I said 2 dollars he said 4, we both stuck to our guns whilst smiley, smartly dressed man looked on close to tears before eventually asking gingerly if I would be prepared to pay 3.  I agreed (I would have paid 4!) and we set off on the magical mystery tour, eventually rocking up at apartment number 1.


If the almost vertical spiral staircase barely as wide as my hips used to access the apartment hadn’t already put me off, then the grubby dirty front room may have done.  And if all else failed there was the staircase leading down to a locked door I wouldn’t have a key to and up to another to ensure I really didn’t like the place.  Disheartened, we set off to apartment number 2 which my agent joyfully informed me was in the European style and therefore over budget.


Turning off the main road down a dodgy lane we arrive at said European Apartment, that is after gaining access via a huge gate and six flights of stairs.  Once inside the apartment certainly was a marked improvement on the first, with a lovely clean bathroom (the bathroom in the first was so vile I’ve blocked it from my mind), and a spacious living/bedroom area with ridiculously over the top furnishings.  I was directed to the balcony and here it all went a bit bonkers.  Opening the door I was greeted by a small balcony looking directly into the landlord’s living area – and not through a window in case that’s what you’re thinking.  I was looking directly into the owner’s open air living area just a the point the grandmother of the family was hanging out her smalls to dry.


This discovery prompted me to check the views from the windows of the property and sure enough, from my bed I could also view grandma and her undergarments.  The lounge and kitchen gave me a view of some other family’s dining table.  Only the bathroom window failed to give me that feeling of having family around, instead offering me a view of a brick wall.


So all in all not too successful a start, but tomorrow my Khmer teacher and I will go again with the agent, this time to a cheaper part of town which will hopefully offer more choice.


In other news, I now have a Cambodian sim for my phone that works and I can almost say my phone number in Khmer.  Quite frankly, by the time I’ve said the number you’ll have lost interest, fallen asleep or gone off to do something less boring instead but small steps eh!?

Bed beckons now to ensure I’m ready for another exciting day of learning new stuff and hopefully finding a home.

Wish me luck!




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  1. Good luck


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