Today I cranked up a nice long list of successes:


  1. I slept for almost 6 hours straight
  2. I went to the temple to meditate with the monks at 7.30am – check out Zen Perry!!!!
  3. I found Costa Coffee. Hideously expensive, but they have very good toilets
  4. Points 2 & 3 were part of a 2 hour walking tour of a small part of the city where I managed to not get lost once and not have any stomach related mishaps enroute (apologies if TMI)
  5. I ate a lovely lunch of veggies and rice (with the help of 2 Imodium instants)
  6. I went on a shopping trip with Totie and her friend Olga and discovered a great ice-cream parlour – although I didn’t partake as I didn’t want to challenge the Imodium too much
  7. I may have managed to find an apartment – It has a coffin door but they have converted this into a breakfast bar type arrangement which I think is quite ingenious and quirky
  8. I worked out how to get internet on my phone all by myself (gotta love Google)
  9. Mum and I Skyped for the first time – such a different experience for us from my last time living overseas nearly 20 years ago!
  10. I understood approximately 4 words of Khmer over the course of the day – slowly, slowly catchy monkey as they say!


So, all in all I’m rounding off my first week on a high.   It’s not all been easy (being sick sucked TBH) but it’s mostly been fun and has all confirmed what I thought I knew – that this is the right path for me to take right now.


In terms of what comes next, well here’s how next week is shaping up….


  • On Monday I meet my new bosses at the Ministry
  • On Tuesday I start work proper (whatever that means)
  • I’ll continue to live in the garishly pink on the outside and delightfully beige on the inside Good Luck Guesthouse
  • Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have a new home to move in to
    • Which will mean I will have lots of shopping and cleaning to do
  • I might even have a proper visa too
    • Which will mean I can open a bank account
  • I plan to learn more Khmer language


And whatever else happens, rest assured I will carry on my new life in flipflops – Becoming me, one crazy adventure at a time!




2 thoughts on “#Result

  1. Keep smiling Sara and moving in the right direrection. Just back from fabric hunt at Low Woods and Sunday lunch with Darryl, Vistiria and the girls. Of to hospital on Thursday hopefully to get rid of my pregnant appearance!! Lots of love.


  2. Judith Franklin

    Sounds as though you’re starting to settle in Sara. Hopefully the tummy upsets disappear as you begin to acclimatise! Keep writing the blogs too!!
    Take Care


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