The final piece of the jigsaw

Today I moved into my new home and slotted the final piece into the jigsaw that saw me transitioning from the life I knew in Manchester to a new (and bonkers) life in Phnom Penh.


Many of you reading will know that the 15 months prior to my move out here were challenging for a number of reasons and I have to admit to carrying some of that emotional baggage over here with me.


Last night was particularly tough emotionally.  Odd dreams peppered my sleep, mixing past with present in a mumbo jumbo of emotional claptrap and as a result I woke feeling flipping exhausted and slightly anxious.


I packed my final bits and bobs and said goodbye the Good Luck – my home for the past 2 weeks.  Totie accompanied me as we piled into Sophat’s tuktuk with my assorted bags ready to follow my estate agent to my new home.


The spiral staircase was a tough as I remembered it but Sophat and Raksmeay took the heavy loads and flew up whilst Totie and I huffed and puffed a little way behind.  And then we were there – on the threshold of my safe haven for at least the next 6 months.  It was just as cute and quirky as I remembered and we all wandered from room to room as my lovely landlay pointed out the various fixtures and fittings.


There was some protracted fannying about over contracts and electric meter readings and the like and then they were gone.  And I was home and it felt good.


Today I feel like I finally said F*ck it to all that crap and properly took possession of my life.


Over the past 2 weeks I’ve travelled 6,000 miles, started a new job and now I have a new home.  I did this all by myself (although I admit it would have been so much harder without the amazing moral support from all of you guys and the practical support of my new buddies out here).


As I write this I’m sitting in my outdoor living room listening to Pick of the Pops on Radio 2 (muffled slightly by my very noisy USB fan whirring away to stop me from melting), sipping a Spy Wine Cooler (has a hint of raspberry vinegar to it but passable) and watching a fabulous electrical storm flashing away over the roof tops.


And I have arrived – I am becoming me and loving every flipping emotional rollercoaster minute of it.


One thought on “The final piece of the jigsaw

  1. What an emotional piece Sara, but in true ‘Cutts’ style you’ve come through. Well done. X

    Liked by 1 person

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