I’m knackered

This week it seems that fatigue is my constant companion.


The weekend was pretty hectic.  Not only did I undergo my epic visa run on the Saturday but I then spent the day at the Buddhist Conference on Sunday (not quite sure what I want to tell you about this hence the lack of a blog to date).


I did get myself off to bed early on the Sunday but my planned long sleep was rudely interrupted by the best storm of my tenure so far – a good 2 hours of howling wind, driving rain and enough electrical activity to power the national grid for a couple of days.


So Monday was a challenge.  I got by on caffeine and sugar and a couple of seated power naps when I was sure my office neighbour was out of the way.


At home on the Monday night a quick chat with mum, Emily and Grace was followed by another early night waking naturally at about 530am feeling more refreshed.


All was going well on Tuesday until I attended a meeting at the Ministry in the afternoon.  The meeting was to discuss budgeting principles for operational planning on EU programmes – yep, you guessed it, it was not the most thrilling 3 hours of my life and the concentration it took to get even a basic grasp of what the hell was going on left me knackered yet again.


And then we come to today.  It was a 5.30am start for a long (but thankfully comfortable and devoid of porn films) journey in a shared taxi to the city of Battambang (I don’t actually know where in Cambodia it is but it’s 5 hours+ from Phnom Penh) to take part in a range of meetings about the VSO Livelihoods programme of which I am part.


A great venue, a lovely crowd of people, but boy it’s knackering.  First there’s the odd lighting in the room to contend with, casting shadows and reflections that make reading the slides hard.  Then there’s my lack of understanding of what the hell is going on due to my limited experience of the programme and Cambodia in general.  The intense listening as I try to comprehend, firstly what language is being spoken as some of my colleagues switch seamlessly between Khmer and English leaving my tired brain struggling to catch up and the endless ‘being switched on’ as people are eager to talk to me, involve me and learn more about me.


A group meal last night, a slightly crazy back of a pickup ride there and back, a strange room in a very nice and un pink guesthouse, not enough sleep and another early start and here I am again.  Exhausted and facing, with trepidation, another long day.


Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “I’m knackered

  1. I’m sorry you’re having a tough week. Hope it improves before it ends. XX


  2. And if it’s any consolation, I came to bed two hours ago and I’m still wide awake at 1.30am… On the first night in three weeks that I’ve had to set an alarm for an early start 😔. XX

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  3. Thinking about you, it’s difficult to function when you’re tired


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