Suburban Saturdays

After an early morning wander to Wat Phnom I’ve spent the majority of my day at home on lane 6Z.

As a token gesture to domestic godessness I put the washing on and, having read my book whilst the washing machine did its stuff, duly pegged it out.

This brought on a fit of the vapours which only a lie down and a nana nap would rectify and who am I to argue!?

Two hours later I was suitably refreshed and decided to embrace my britishness by making a brew.  As I was waiting for the kettle to boil I heard my name being called and wandered to the door to find my lovely landlady smiling in at me and pointing towards the electricity meter.

I deduced that this meant it was bill payment time, and sure enough a protracted discussion and calculation session ended with me handing over $34 for my water and electric consumption since moving in to the lane.

Transaction complete my landlady found it necessary to grab hold of my hands and tell me that she likes me (in Khmer) and I responded in kind – partly out of duty but partly because I do actually like this sweet, slightly bonkers woman who sneaks up to my apartment when I’m out to water her beloved plants and tells me she likes me, maybe because she does, but definitely because she knows I know the khmer words that make up the sentence.

Once she’d left I returned to making my brew and then sat down to enjoy it along with a delicious chocolate chip bread I had treated myself to on the way home from my walk.

The afternoon passed in a haze of book reading, dog watching (there are three young puppies in the street who appear to enjoy nothing more than terrorising each other having 5 minutes earlier been playing together) and listening to the sounds of life on a Phnom Penh street.

But more than that the afternoon gave me time to ground myself.  Much as life here is good and feels normal, I’ve been a bit discombobulated this week and have enjoyed the opportunity to just be at home and be me.

As the light faded and the rain swooped in I settled down to watch a film in my alfresco lounge.  Candle lit, gin and bitter lemon at my side I watched a great feel good film – The Fundamentals of Caring – courtesy of access to my lovely sis & bro in law’s Netflix account.



I’m sitting on my bed writing this now, having had a lovely relaxing day, feeling more grounded and ok with me and ready for whatever comes next in this amazing adventure called life.

2 thoughts on “Suburban Saturdays

  1. I really love these commentaries of your life in Cambodia and you are a truly brilliant wordsmith, keep this amazing blog. Thank you.


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