Zen as F**k

On Thursday I was privileged to be given Reiki by my lovely friend Alex who has been staying with me for a few days before leaving to explore the rest of Cambodia this morning.  As a result, Thursday night was only my second night of uninterrupted sleep since arriving in Cambodia 7 whole weeks ago and I woke yesterday feeling amazingly energised and refreshed.


Last night my sleep was only interrupted once by that woman of a certain age need to pee and after having obliged my bladder’s request I slept until the amazingly late hour of 7am this morning waking feeling once again refreshed and energised.


That said, I had already decided that today would be a do nothing kind of day and I was excited to indulge myself in the joy of just being.


On a whim, but partly in anticipation of today I think, I had yesterday purchased some oil pastels and paper.  I’m not sure why I chose oil pastels as I am by no means an artist, but they seemed like quite a cool thing to try using and they were pretty cheap too (ever the thrifty volunteer me!).  I also purchased an oil burner from the Japanese $1.90 shop (that is so not as catchy a name as Poundland but it’s the best we’ve got here so just go with it) so that I could burn some oils in my outdoor lounge to serve the dual purpose of smelling nice and also repelling the bugs.


After breakfast, I lit the burner adding a mix of lavender and tea tree and got out my oil pastels to give them a go.  For the next couple of hours I totally immersed myself in the process of playing with colour and lines, mixing, smudging, blending and generally having a fantastic time.  The results were mixed – a couple of absolute monstrosities and a couple of pieces I’m really chuffed with, but regardless of results I loved every mindful moment of the process and will certainly be indulging again some time soon.


Some of my more successful artwork

Next in operation zen as f**k was a film.  But don’t panic, I didn’t go for some highbrow thought provoking indi movie, oh no, in true Sara style I chose that classic of cinematography – Sex and the City.


For the next 2 hours I laughed and cried at all of the parts that I laugh and cry at every time I watch the film (in case you’re wondering I have watched it a fair few times but have not yet achieved the holy grail of viewing instances that leads me to the ‘know every line off by heart’ stage as is the case with Pretty Woman!!!) totally immersed in the lives of the fictional New York ladies who previously wonderfully filled many an empty hour for me during my time living in China.


Trash TV gene satisfied, I then indulged in a fabulous ½ hour of meditation on my mat on the terrace.  I’m a big fan of a free app called Insight Timer which has thousands of free meditations and talks and today I chose a delightful chakra cleansing meditation that Totie had recommended.


Cleansed and even more zen than I already was I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon in conversation with friends and family interspersed with periods of listening to random playlists on Spotify, discovering some great music and not even having to resist the urge to multitask as it hasn’t crossed my mind to.


So there you have it.  As I finish writing this and prepare to cook my dinner (an omelette or an egg sandwich (can’t quite decide which)) I am officially feeling as zen as f**k and looking forward to another glorious night of deliciously restorative sleep after some relaxing yoga and another film (title as yet unknown).


Om shanti xx

One thought on “Zen as F**k

  1. I love the fact that you are doing arty things with oil pastels. Go girl!


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