Today I learned a new word – Operacy.  According to the great God Google, Edward De Bono defines operacy as being about action and the skill of thinking for action instead of thinking for description (proactive rather than reactive thinking).  If you’re interested in Operacy, this text links to a Powerpoint presentation about it.


Interestingly, as I came across this new word (it’s in a training needs analysis I’m trying to make sense of at work) I was at the same time thinking (always the consummate multitasker me) about what to write in today’s blog and believe it or not, was contemplating writing something about thinking – spooky eh!?


I spend a lot of my time thinking (or more accurately overthinking) things.  Stuff I see, hear and generally experience sloshes around in my head accompanying shite from the past, hypothesizing about the future, the cacophony of noise from my chimp Norman and occasionally the rational thoughts of my adult brain pop in to add to the mix too – a kind of hybrid of the proactive and reactive thinking that DeBono talks about.


In my blog strapline I talk about ‘becoming me’ and one of the aspects of this that I’m really enjoying is the developing ability to focus my thinking to make sense of my internal and external world.  By regularly practising meditation, engaging in periods of mindful activity and journaling I have given my brain some space and time out – a luxury it hasn’t often been afforded during my 46 years on this planet.  And I’m starting to reap the benefits.  Even though I still seem to think all the bl**dy time (remember this is the woman who is sitting here writing a blog about thinking) I feel a lot more able to sort out my thoughts, compartmentalize them, park them, discredit them and generally do stuff with them then move on thanks to a bit of downtime on the brain front each and every day.


If you, like me, fancy giving this hippy dippy sh*t a try, I highly recommend Insight Timer – the meditation App  and doing something arty: my oil pastel purchase last week was inspired leading as it has to hours of mindful scribbling, blending and generally messing about.  If neither of these float your boat there’s plenty more ways to give your brain a chance to breathe.  Find yours and you’ll hopefully soon be reaping the benefits of more operacy in your thinking just like me.


One thought on “Operacy

  1. Relieved to know I am not alone in having an incessant Norman chunterring in my brain constantly. Am trying hard to switch him off and stop thinking…and thinking…and having waking nightmares but it just isn’t happening….I will have to try your idea of journal keeping. There must be a point to not sleeping!!

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