Mad World


With the ferocity of the storm reducing, the sound of rain banging on my tin roof lowered to a dull roar allowing me to once again hear the music playing on my phone – a cover of the Tears for Fears classic, Mad World by the group Sacre.


Suddenly I heard what sounded like a hosepipe being used at full blast very close to my home and so I headed to investigate.  And sure enough, there in the pouring rain was my landlady’s son-in-law washing his car!  To mark the occasion, I hit replay on Mad World and cranked the volume up to full.


This little incident got me thinking about the mad world I inhabit.


The world where today, on my way to work I witnessed a guy sitting on 3 sacks of cement or sand on the back of a motorbike, guys sitting inside window frames on the back of a truck and, most terrifyingly, a guy with his small child tucked under one arm as he steered his motorbike through rush hour traffic with the other.

The mad world where, for the last 3 weeks I’ve been carefully avoiding a foot-wide sink hole at the major junction outside my office which has seemingly not been noticed by anyone including the policemen who stand right next to it waiting to pounce on ‘illegal’ motoring activities.

Yesterday a big metal rod had been bodged into the sinkhole and a makeshift flag (bright pink) created from a piece of rag.   I afforded myself a sigh of relief.  It had finally been noticed and something would be done.  Today, however, I returned to find the pole and make do flag gone and business as normal – sinkhole? What sinkhole?


The world where a monk comes up to me as I sit in the shaded grounds of the temple reading my book and amidst a generally banal conversation tells me that he became a monk because otherwise he would have become a gangster like the other young people in his village.  I didn’t ask….


A mad world where I pop in to my office neighbour to ask why he hasn’t gone to lunch to find him erecting a camp bed before declaring that he has already finished lunch (and presumably hoping I haven’t seen said bed!).  When I returned an hour later the lights in his office were firmly off but shortly after came back on and the normal working day was resumed.


A mad world where I’ve been to a meeting with a colleague who has been delegated responsibility for the issues we were discussing only to be told that on each and every point I needed input I would need to refer to the person who had delegated responsibility to him.  You couldn’t make it up!

So here’s my little reworking of the song that inspired this post.  Please feel free to sing along:

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
Some things I see are frightening
and some others just plain bad
I find it flipping bonkers
I find it comical
When living in Cambodia
It’s a very, very mad world


4 thoughts on “Mad World

  1. Morning Sara. Excellent as ever

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You should tell the landlady’s son-in-law about my excellent wheel-cleaning tips 😉


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