PJ Day

I’ve got a bit of a diffent week ahead – a VSO Volunteer Conference in Siem Reap followed by the first big public holiday since I arrived here in Cambodia – Pchum Ben (Ancestors Day) – and so I decided that a relaxed weekend was in order.


Saturday involved my now regular visit to the pool (didn’t bother with the gym this week as I wasn’t feeling the love) followed by a veggi lunch, shopping and then home.


And as for Sunday.  Well, that was  pure PJ day.  Writing this as I am first thing on Monday morning I am still in said PJs, I officially stink, but am basking in the the joy of a pure ME day.


It started with a lie in – 8.45am no less – followed by a long luxuriant breakfast to accompany the last few chapters of my book (I am loving the amount of reading I do out here – I generally devour at least 1 if not 2 fiction books per week as well as dipping in and out of non-fiction stuff both in book and web form).


Next up was a bit of TV watching – caught up on the latest series of Cold Feet and then watched the film Wild (not bad but how on earth did she keep her hair looking so flipping good!?!?!) and then dipped in to a Netflix series ‘Easy’.


And then I got crafty.  As you may know, Vicky and I have a monthly craft challenge going and this month the challenge was metal.  I managed to find some coloured craft wire at the $1.90 Japanese store in the Trafford Centre and so I sat for an hour or so creating twists and swirls and turning them into hanging shapes to adorn my apartment.  I also cut up a t shirt I bought for 50 cents from another Japanese gem in the city – DonDon Down Second-Hand Stores – to make a necklace and a headband (Kirstie Allsop has nothing on me I tell you).

The times in between were spent sweating (well actually all of the times were spent sweating not just those inbetween as it was particularly humid yesterday), eating too much (I’ve got some stuff in my head I need to process and am using food as a way of avoiding doing so but more on that later) and listening to music.  The day was ended with a nice stretchy yoga session on the terrace (I needed it having sat/slouched for the majority of the day) after which I spent a good while examining at close quarters, a dragonfly who popped in for a visit followed by a half-hearted attempt at meditation (too much going on in my head to properly switch off) before bed.


A dragonfly who popped by

Unfortunately, after a week or so of more comfortable temperatures, particularly at night, the humidity seems to be ramping up again and that, coupled with a vaguely stinky feeling brought about by 24 hours in my PJs and a messy head led to a night of broken sleep.


Which brings me to here – tired, more than ready to get out of these disgustingly sweaty, stinky PJs, have a good long shower, and pack for a week of whatever comes along in Siem Reap.


The PJs 

Watch this space – who knows what’s coming.



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