It’s the little things

  • Waking up for the first time in a week not feeling like sh*t
  • A morning spent at the pool
  • Getting stuck in to a new book
  • Mango season!
  • Coffee and lunch with one friend quickly followed by coffee and a smoothie with another
  • A recommendation of a new author to check out from the $1 book shop
  • VPN
  • Mango season!
  • A bathroom configuration that allows me to sit on the loo having a wee whilst washing my feet (and flipflops) in the shower
  • A rainy, cool, humidity free walk home
  • the sound of next doors kids having fun
  • Mango season!
  • Being transported back to the 80s courtesy of a tuna and sweetcorn tea followed by Pick of The Pops on Radio 2 – ACIEED!

Saturday has officially been a good day!


p.s. Did I mention it’s mango season?!




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