The people you meet..

Everyone I’ve met since I’ve been here in Cambodia has been lovely (apart perhaps from the grumpy monk at the English meditation session way back when I first arrived).

There’s my gang who I still see every day on the way to and from work.

Huong the gateman, who has now taken to regaling me with longwinded tales of woe to which I furiously nod and mutter agreement, whilst simultaneously not having a clue what he’s on about.

A very cute little girl who I see walking to school with her mum who stops to chat and tell me all about what she is doing that day at school and her likes and dislikes (same conversation everytime!)

And then there’s these randoms that I meet in passing.  Phone in hand I snap a pic of them to remind me of the randomness of my life and to keep the smiles coming long after they’ve gone on their way and I on mine.

  1. This little cutie, fascinated by the videos I was making at the fairground


2. The gang of little posers in Kampot (the one in the blue shorts was definitely the ring leader)


3. A street vendor, passing time whilst waiting for customers at her stall at a major junction in Phnom Penh


4. Hookers waiting for customers outside a cafe early in the afternoon


5. This guy who decided to decorate his otherwise totally ordinary bike with comedy flowers


6. At one of my regular lunchtime haunts, the daughter of the owner practices her pole dancing skills


7. The only man in Cambodia capable of growing significant facial hair not capitalising on his uniqueness and instead driving a tuktuk in Phnom Penh


And last but by no means least……






8.  The Cambodian Simon Cowell outside a cafe on street 63



If you’re interested in seeing more of my random pictures I’m over on Instagram @anewlifeinflipflops posting almost every day (sometimes even post twice!)



One thought on “The people you meet..

  1. Brilliant! Your random pics will increase at the weekend when the two beauties land………!

    Liked by 1 person

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