Strange times

It’s December!

Just putting that out there.  Not for you to be honest, but for me.  Because  waking up every day to balmy temperatures and sunny skies it’s extremely easy to forget.

That is until I switch on the radio and hear Christmas tunes blasting out, read Facebook with people alternately counting down the days to the big event and complaining about the cold.  Very occasionally here in PP too I stumble upon some christmassy offering too, bringing me sharply to the reality that we’re days away from the end of 2016 and not in the middle of July which is where my head seems to think I reside.

I’ve lived overseas at this time of year before (3 of which were in a relatively hot climate of Southern China) I’ve travelled at this time of year, leaving the cold snowy icy realms of the UK for Caribbean, Australian and South African sunshine, even spending Christmas in the Middle East one year but never before have I felt so discombobulated in relation to  life as it is versus the Gregorian calendar.

It’s just plain odd. The feeling started when mum arrived in November and has grown steadily since and shows no signs of abating.  Vicky is arriving soon – the minute I told her I was coming to live in Cambodia she started planning operation ‘don’t leave Sara alone at Christmas’.  I’m dead excited to see and spend time with Vic – showing her the place I now call home and having adventures (and maybe a glass or two of something fizzy, though to be honest that’ll probably be lime and soda as I now display extreme lightweight tendencies when it comes to alcohol consumption) but I don’t feel even vaguely Christmassy.

This time last year I was Christmas Marketing, carolling and mulled wining like a lunatic, finding any and every excuse to indulge in some Christmas build up activity.  Yet here I find myself snubbing an expat Christmas event on the lane where I had my hair coloured last weekend instead opting to drink iced tea and read my book surrounded by arty Cambodian types in a cafe that I love.

But to be honest with you, this isn’t about Christmas and not feeling Christmassy.  It’s bigger than that.  In the past 12 months my life has changed beyond recognition.  Not only in terms of my geographical location, job and lifestyle but also my mindset, beliefs, goals and desires.

And so I guess I’m just not ready to accept that the end is coming to a year that started with the innocent activity of creating a vision board with Vicky and Laura one wintry December day and has turned into the year that that same vision board became my life.


One thought on “Strange times

  1. So simple yet so moving Sara. Thank you.

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