Midnight Musings

Before going any further I must confess, these musing didn’t take place at midnight, they actually occurred at 4am after a FaceTime chat with my lovely sis Victoria and ex sis in law Melanie to whom this post is dedicated as her words were my inspiration.

During our chat something I said prompted Melanie to declare “I don’t know how you do it Sara” (tbh I think it may have been discussion of Bert the Bat who, in case you were wondering, is still scattering his shite liberally around my balcony every night).

And that got me thinking about how exactly I do “do it” and brought me to this blog.


When I was living in Asia first time round, my first true backpacker experience was a month long trip through Vietnam during Chinese New Year.  Having at that point spent a year and a half living in an industrial Chinese city I lapped up every banana pancake filled, mango smoothie soaked minute of it, marvelling at the sights, the sounds, the smells and everything else in between.

During one mango smoothie fuelled discussion with some guys I met I mentioned how amazingly brave I thought they were to be travelling for months on end, living out of a bag, waking up in a new place every few days and visiting far flung spots all over the globe with only a vague ‘what’s next’ agenda somewhere in the back of their mind.

I was shocked therefore to hear that they actually saw me as the brave one, living and working within a Chinese community in China with limited financial means and the accompanying extremely Chinese lifestyle.

And that’s the key isn’t it.  One mans meat is another’s poison.  The stuff that freaks Melanie (and lots of other people) out about my life here in Cambodia is the stuff that gives me the energy to get out of bed in the morning;  It makes me smile on a daily basis;  It gives me stuff to write about which results in positive strokes from my fab readers; it makes me question myself and what I see; it teaches me to get a grip, refocus and work out what really matters in life and so much more.

I feel alive in Asia and as long as I do I’ll continue doing it, putting on those now well worn flip flops and becoming me one crazy adventure at a time.

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