Stress & Half Formed Stories

Nearly a week has passed since I last wrote.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write, yet I haven’t committed fingers to keyboard and done so.

In my defence I’m a bit knackered of late.  The numpties at the Ministry of Fish have suddenly realised what I can do and decided I need to do it pretty damn quick.  And so this has led me into uncharted territory  – I’ve actually been having to work at work!  I’ve also had to do a lot of thinking about that work and a fair bit of procrastinating too.  Especially as I’d also committed to some work for VSO this week too! All of this has turned me into a bit of  a stress head (in fairness this always happens when I have training to prepare) and resulted in bonkers dreams and broken sleep.

I’ve also been struggling to find the story this week.  My blogs usually appear in my head as a result of something I’ve seen, heard or done and by the time I open up my laptop the story is ready to be told.  Despite having the usual sublime to ridiculous rollercoaster of a week that is my life now, no blog thought has fully formed.

Some have half formed:

The one where one trainee declared she wasn’t feeling well due to diarrhoea and her colleague responded by asking “how many times did you shit?”

The one where Phirum and I were listening to Radio 4’s Just a Minute on the bus on the way to Battambang and when asked whether she liked it, Phirum replied that yes she did and the man was funny like me.  Said man was none other than my sarcasm idol, Paul Merton.  No higher compliment has been paid to me before or since.

The one where two of Phirum’s sisters and her gorgeous twin nieces Ching and Jing joined us for dinner in town and my heart skipped a beat as I realised that I was among my very own Cambodian family.

The one where I got over myself and wrote a mature objective email to cockwomble about some work we need to do together.  And in reply got a mature objective response and a merry Christmas to boot.

The one this morning when I decided that I was going to join the Cambodians walking barefoot on the nobbly stone path and after a few steps realised how bloody painful it was but had no alternative to complete the whole loop trying not to wince and whine at every step.

They all started to form but that’s as far as they got.

And so that’s what you get today – half formed thoughts.

Normal service will hopefully be resumed shortly.


3 thoughts on “Stress & Half Formed Stories

  1. Each thought is as fully formed as it needs to be – just shorter than usual.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas, see you next year xx


  2. […] Wrong as it may be to discuss the texture, size and noises associated with your number 2 in everyday life in the UK, in Cambodia all bets are off  and seemingly no discussion is taboo (remember the response to the “I’ve got diarrhoea comment in my training session back in December?  If not, check it out here: Stress and half formed stories ). […]


  3. […] ‘can’t quite get the story out’ phase again.  I had it a while back and ended up writing a little piece about the half formed stories which helped me break out of the chains but even that isn’t forthcoming at the […]


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