It’s that look again

It’s 3.45pm, the energy is low.  Loueng is flagging and Sophea is nowhere to be seen.

In a fit of sympathy I jump up to rescue Loueng.  We’re talking action Centred Leadership – not the most inspiring topic, but not as dull as dishwater as the audience reaction would have you believe.

I go into English Teacher mode – I’m drawing diagrams at a rate of knots whilst speaking in words of one syllable at the pace of a snail on crutches.

And then I notice it….


The look!…


It’s a look I’ve seen many times during my working life in Asia.  The look that asks….


  • “what the hell is this woman on?”
  • “Is she for real?”
  • “WTF is she going on about?”


And I don’t even bat an eyelid because, whilst having people think you’re mad as a box of frogs may not be the text book way to engage an audience at least I’ve done it.  They’re awake, attentive and some of them are even smiling.

My work here is done.

Over to you Loueng…


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