A breakthrough?

It came at 11.01am.  It came just in time.  My ability to remain positive was wearing thin and my desire to hurt somebody becoming overwhelming when suddenly Loueng approached and uttered the immortal words….


“Sara, can you help me?”


And with that began the process of unpicking what was going wrong and working out what we could collectively do to make it go right again.


We discussed red shirt man and his and other trainees rude, disruptive behaviour.

We reflected on the problems that occur when you haven’t done the homework in relation to the subject you’re talking about.

We considered how we could better understand the material by applying the models and exercises to our own role and team.

We investigated how we could use the group to get things back on track.

We explored questions we might ask and who we might ask them of.


And then Loueng was back up front and, for reasons unknown to me, running some form of sweepstake which involved trainees trying to guess my highest and lowest scoring roles in the Belbin model.


And as I wept silently into my Macbook, a little bit more of me died inside

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