And finally…

I’ve skipped a couple of days.  Wednesday we were on the move and if you want to know more about how that went, you can read about it here: Travelling circus

Thursday saw training kick off once more.  There was a rerun of the 3 stooges act, only this time there were only 2 as hairy chin was deemed too busy to attend by our esteemed Director General.  Sophea also appeared to have grown a pair of balls during the four hour drive to Pursat and introduced both the programme and myself & Loueng with a confidence I’ve never before seen him display.

As the day wore on it became apparent that the numpties were finally getting into their stride, helped along by a significantly more engaged and supportive cohort of trainees.  Loueng had obviously been doing his homework as he explained the models  and engaged the trainees in activities with a new found confidence and a distinct lack of nervous laughter.   Even Sophea and Nai were up front helping out, supporting both Loueng and the trainees.

I, on the other hand, was wilting.  Battling a stonking headache I eventually retreated to lie in my darkened room, not the first time this has occurred this week but the only time due to physical rather than emotional needs!

Friday morning and the power of paracetamol sees me ready to face the day – slightly trepidatious over what may have transpired in my absence.


It didn’t start well.  I arrived to the room at 8am to find no one else there.  But apart from that I didn’t need to worry.  When the trainees did rock up they were keen and eager to start.  Loueng had collated outstanding questions (intelligent ones at that) from the session I missed the previous afternoon and we had a healthy and fruitful discussion about the learning so far.

And then the team went fully into action once more.  And I have to be honest, I did shed a little tear (I blame hormones as always).  I was watching my little ducklings finally swim.  After hours of gentle coaxing, cajoling and prodding (coupled with a lot of internal ranting, raving and soul searching) they’d finally got it and were out there doing their stuff, turning my training into a workshop that their colleagues could learn and grow from.  A truly proud moment (and if I’m totally honest, one I NEVER thought would happen!)

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