This post may induce jealousy!


Welcome to my current view!

We have reached the final few days of the Clarkes’ tour of Cambodia.  The sun is shining, there’s still a little a faint draft of morning breeze which is gently  wafting the aroma of frangipani over me as I lie here typing this blog.

The kids are flitting from pool to sun lounger and back again and all is well with this sunkissed little world.

The last two weeks have been awesome.  We’ve visited palaces, toured temples, ridden elephants, chased butterflies, held crocodiles, ridden a bamboo train, got stranded in the middle of the Sangker river and subsequently spent 1 1/2 hours bumping along in the back of a pick up truck, eaten all kinds of yummy snacks (and a fair few tubes of Pringles (fake and genuine)), crammed all 5 of us and a ridiculous number of rucksacks into tuktuks, bartered for Britain, said a little prayer, practiced speaking Khmer,  coped with the Killing Fields and so much more and it’s still not over yet.

Blog posts for all of the above are brewing but for now I think I’m just going to kick back, listen to the splash of the water and the song of the birds and get ready to enjoy the last few days with my fabulous family.


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