My alarm clock this morning is the mellifluous mix of a couple of cockerels, a cat and a whole volery of assorted small birds.

Will I ever tire of this?  I do hope not as this melody is set to be the theme tune for my mornings for the next 3 months in Kampot.

I’ve found myself a base and lying in bed this morning I  am certain I couldn’t have picked better.  My room is clean and fresh.  The light of early morning seeps in under the door and from the window around the corner.  My bed is HUGE and extremely comfortable.  So comfortable in fact that I could lie here all day.

I reluctantly shift myself from my position of ultimate comfort, pad over to the door and tentatively open it to be greeted by this:


I couldn’t quite believe it.  I blinked a couple of times not quite trusting what I could see but there it was.  I dashed to grab my phone to capture a picture  of it, convinced that in the 4 paces between my bed and the door the stunning sight I had witnessed would fade to ordinariness.  But it persisted, I captured it, it’s really there, that awesome view of sunrise at 6.46am is mine to wake up to every morning if I so wish.

I’m typing this from a chair on my terrace.  There’s a cool gentle breeze blowing, the melody of nature persists, the sun is behind me but ever present in the screen of my laptop and in the words of Annie I can safely say:

“I think I’m going to like it here!”



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