The air was thick.  A storm was brewing.  Whilst the sun beat down fiercely on us in the town, in the distance the mountains shrouded in ominous black grey cloud offered promise of air clearing rain.  But for now there was no respite.  Every breath fell short of providing the full quota of nourishment and beads of sweat formed with every slow movement made.


The penultimate day of our time in Kampot, we as a family were restless.  The weather, along with the impending end of our precious time spent together made for a melancholic mood.


We chose our destination for breakfast poorly.  The surly welcome should have given it away, but we weren’t on our game and ordered anyway.  One coffee arrived, then nothing.  A brusque waitress snarled when questioned and so we departed, empty bellied and disgruntled to return to our breakfast spot of the previous morning.


Perked up by gargantuan breakfasts we opted for a wander around the local market.  The air too cloying to consider a walk, a tuktuk was beckoned and he deposited us at the market 5 minutes later and a dollar lighter.


We tentatively entered one of the dim narrow alleys of the market, the low slung ceilings brushing the heads of the taller ones of us in the group. For a while we wandered.  The covered market provided shade from the fierce wet heat of the sun, a gentle breeze could be found when venturing around certain corners and courtesy of the occasional fans hanging from stalls.   Stallholders swung languidly in hammocks, others wafted aimlessly at flies settling on their produce, the chatter was subdued and half hearted, the sense of melancholy following us wherever we went.


The wet market stirred some energy and emotion.  Live chickens, wet muddy floors, flailing fish and pungent aromas provoked strong reactions from the girls.


We exited, once more met by steaming heat and dust, which way to go? What to do? All too lethargic to make a decision


Walking was too much effort, the sun roasting us with every step, the sweat now dripping, running in rivulets down faces, necks and knees.


It was time to head back, to indulge our melancholy back in the still quiet of the apartment.  Dozing, daydreaming, doodling and eventually perking up enough to head to the pool where both the weather and our mood finally took a turn for the better as we enjoyed another precious moment of our last few days together.

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