I’ve been doing that thing again.

You know the one I mean.

It’s the one where you know exactly what you need to do to feel better, how to change things up to blow away the cobwebs, what will lift your mood and give you the energy and oomph to make each day a good one.    But you choose not to do any of those things, instead wallowing in a mire of stuckness which in my case involves mindless surfing of social media coupled with gormless tv watching.

Yep, that’s the thing I’ve been doing this past week.

There are valid reasons why I found myself in that gloopy, miserable, stuck space, some physical, others emotional but none of which I’m sharing here.

Because here today isn’t about the whys, it’s about saying a big fat F*CK YOU to that thing I’ve been doing for the last week.

I’ve made small positive steps over the past couple of days taking little sips of ‘medicine’ in the form of meditation and yoga and today I finally took a full on dose of feel good drugs by getting up at sunrise and hopping on my bike to cycle out to the salt fields.

It’s my first time there since i’ve been back in Kampot and within minutes I was asking myself why I’d left it so long.  The peace and calm that washed over me as I turned off the main road and cycled through the empty plains was immense.  I physically felt my shoulders drop, the corners of my mouth turn upwards and a little glint light the corner of my eyes.  Halfway along the road i set my bike down and perched on a rock to sit and be.  A curious skink joined me on my rock for a while as I sat and basked in the expanse of lush emptiness and quiet, the silence only occasionally broken by a motorbike passing by and before I knew it, the sun which was just above the horizon when I entered the fields was now high in the sky.

I hopped back on my bike and cycled wantonly down the centre of the road alternately flinging my feet off the pedals and my hands off the handlebars whilst squealing a load and long ‘woohoo’ followed by a ‘whoop whoop’ much to the disdain of the local dog and bird population but highly amusing to the reinvigorated me myself and I.

And so, I leave you now with a raft of pics from my medicinal adventure this morning and a promise to myself that I won’t leave it so long before taking my medicine next time.

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