Things I’ve learnt this week

I said goodbye to my motivation this weekend.  We’d been enjoying a good few weeks together with me putting in regular hours at the keyboard, being uber productive and hence feeling good about myself, but then, suddenly on Friday afternoon Mr Motivation just picked up his bags and left town.

It’s now Thursday morning.  A tiny bit of motivation came knocking this morning and so I am attempting once more to work.  It’s not been smooth sailing though.  I may or may not have spent the first hour and a half of this morning reading shite on the internet and right now  have two half-finished versions of a blog post about this past week that just don’t flow or feel right and so I’ve decided that they’re going in the bin and instead you’re going to get a list.  Just a little old list of random stuff I’ve learnt, or relearnt, over the past week:

  1. Water buffalo are fascinating. 20 minutes spent watching them moving from somewhere to somewhere else at the salt fields yesterday confirmed this one for me.  Here’s a little video I made of their antics

    2. Throat infections suck. There’s a line about spitting and swallowing that needs to go here but every time I write it it just sounds like smut (as does this to be honest – maybe I just have a very mucky mind

    3. And speaking of drooling (I know I wasn’t but I’m trying to link it to the throat infection point above) LUTHER! OMG! Why have I not watched this sooner.  Perfect, not feeling well and a bit demotivated binge watch material – with added ‘Boy, he’s hot’ drooling.

    4. My hair needs cutting and colouring but does look kinda cool with the wind blowing it into a Mohawk and the black and white filter applied – sometimes I think I maybe have too much time on my hands!


5. Reading a novel in a day is the best thing ever.

6. Dragonflies are nearly as fascinating as water buffalo. This one seems to be pulled magnetically back to the plant every time he tries to leave

7. Cambodian weddings taking place in the street behind your home make your bed shake constantly and are still audible with headphones in and playing dance music at a volume up in the red danger zone

8. Whilst I apparently can sleep through the din of music and singing/squawking that is a Cambodian wedding happening in the street behind my home, it appears that the taking down of the stage at 2am does not allow me such a luxury

9. Someone who enjoys the sight of her own blood splattered across her hand when she successfully kills yet another mosquito that has taken up residence in her room has to accept that she will never be a Buddhist.

10. My motivation going for a wander is a part of me and I need to just embrace it. Letting Norman beat me over the head with a big stick won’t change it – in fact it’ll just make me feel shitty – so I’m not going to let him do it.  Viva downtime I say

11. Turmeric, lime & honey infusions are my new favourite thing. Admittedly it looks a bit like the wee of a very dehydrated person in the cup, but it tastes lush, makes my throat feel better and is a tad healthier than the god-awful Coke Zero I’ve taken to drinking for some reason.

12. I can’t think of a twelfth thing to write but ending a list on 11 things feels wrong (ooh that’s the 12th thing I’ve learnt right there then).

So there you have it.  My week of learning in a list.  Happy Thursday y’all.

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