Whose flipping stupid idea was it to write an essay a day in May?  It would appear that what I’ve actually done is given myself another opportunity to procrastinate.  Not that I needed one when another stint in the classroom means I have plenty of wonderful lesson planning to procrastinate over already.


In between completing the work stuff that involved engaging with other people today I’ve managed to avoid both writing the blog and planning my lessons by:


  • Watching the rest of season 2 of Dope on Netflix (2 episodes).
  • Going out to get my hair cut.
  • Taking a detour on the way home from said haircut to buy a sandwich when I have perfectly good sandwich making materials in the house.
  • Doubling back from the sandwich hut to get a mango and banana shake when I have a mango shake in the fridge already.
  • Googling “moon tattoo on foot” and heading down that rabbit hole
  • Peeling and chopping up two more mangoes that I have no intention of eating today (only 2 normal sized and 2 head sized ones left now).
  • Catching up on the final episode of the RHOBH reunion.
  • Googling the terms ESL kids, ESL nature lessons kids and Teaching kids English and browsing random sites on the pretence that I’m planning my lessons
  • Opening Word and writing various titles and first lines of blogs before deleting them and turning instead to other activities.
  • The obligatory social media surfing.
  • Handwashing my undies
  • Ringing mum


But the award for best bit of procrastination activity so far today is given for…


  • Stopping when the Flashpackers resident nutter called my name and chatting amiably with him about his ‘recycled’ raincoat that he was very proudly wearing (it wasn’t raining at the time and hadn’t all day in case you were wondering). The recycled element being a patch made from a fag packet and a razor blade because (I quote) “he likes cigarettes and is a sharp cookie”.  Apparently, I’d caught him on route to talk to Mama’s son in law, Mr Mao, who according to Peter has high up connections with the ruling party, about marketing the idea of recycled raincoats to Hun Sen as an election winning environmental initiative.

The things I’ll do to avoid the stuff I have to do eh?


Now, what can I pack into the next couple of hours as I still need to procrastinate instead of lesson planning?


Answers on a postcard please (reading them will allow me to procrastinate after all).




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