The spice of life

On Thursday, my day started with me providing consultancy support to the female leaders of an awesome business here as they transition to a new exciting phase and ended with me singing the let’s pack our toys away song followed by the goodbye song as I finished teaching an English as a Second Language class consisting of 14 children aged between three and nine.


A mere 6 weeks ago my Sunday was filled with leading a whole day event for 300 employees of a Cambodian pharmaceutical company followed by a taxi home from Phnom Penh in the evening so that I could spend Monday and the rest of the week that followed teaching literacy and numeracy in a combined year 1 and 2 primary school class here in Kampot.


The past nine months have also seen me writing marketing and workshop materials for consultants in the UK and Australia; working in the two Dorsu shops in town and also reviewing and revising their HR and retail store operation  processes; supporting the L&D team at Heineken Cambodia in designing and preparing to deliver a companywide away day; creating and delivering a number of workshops to support effective communication and team working for organisations here in Cambodia and offering voluntary support to the team at the Banteay Srey Project here in Kampot.


And then, come July I turn my hand once more to the role of Course Director for another brief but exhausting summer school season.  This will see me managing and supporting a team of teachers, some actual teaching itself no doubt, keeping a diverse group of group leaders and their cohorts of students happy and dealing with all of the random stuff that putting 200 international pre-teen and teenagers in a British University setting for two weeks at a time brings about.


Well, they do say that variety is the spice of life and it would appear my life is pretty damn spicy right now!

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