The adventure begins

My life over the last week:

  • Packing – frenzied
  • Bin standoff – one
  • Ebay parcels posted – eight
  • Storage containers filled – one
  • Farewell events attended – Seven
  • Wine drank – too much
  • Gin drank – not quite as much as wine but a fair bit
  • Tears shed – enough to fill a bath at least
  • Hugs given – Lots
  • Hugs received – even more
  • Uber rides taken – lost count
  • Old style Photo Booth pictures taken – twenty eight
  • OITNB episodes watched – 11
  • Money spent – daren’t check
  • Sleep – nowhere near enough
  • Mad dreams remembered – between 1 & 4 a night

The pain & pleasure are all worth it though as this time tomorrow I’ll be winging my way to my new life in Cambodia (complete with 4 pairs of flip-flops to kick off the adventure).

Check back soon to find out how me and my flip-flops are getting on on our South East Asian adventure.



5 thoughts on “The adventure begins

  1. Can’t wait to enjoy it with you x


  2. Kevin Benfield

    We’ll try to keep up with your adventures & send our love from this troubled isle xxx


  3. Love you Sara. So looking forward to hearing all about your adventures xx


  4. Super proud of you, enjoy xxx


  5. Super proud of you xxxxx


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