Little legs and long naps

When I last wrote we had just left Angkor Wat and were headed for Angkor Thom.

The South Gate of Angkor Thom is drop dead gorgeous.  Rows of stone soldiers guard the route to a magnificent gate marking the entrance to the kingdom.  We wandered through, by now the sun was really heating up and so some sweating was involved in this pursuit and once on the other side we were picked up and driven along the shady tree lined dirt track to the stunning Bayon Temple.

Exploring Bayon involves a fair bit of clambering – there’s a lot of stepping up and over the huge stones that have fallen over the years and climbing steep steps to view the higher levels.

Auntie Yvonne decided to forgo this adventure, instead opting to have a nana nap in one the window frame like areas on the edge of the temple.  Ever the intrepid explorer, mum decided to join me and off we went a wandering.  Now, bear in mind the steep steps and fallen stones I’ve already mentioned and add in the fact that my mum probably has the shortest legs of any adult I know and was sporting a crippling muscle pain in her back and this made for an interesting adventure.  Together we scrabbled around, huffing and puffing and pausing frequently to catch our breath, sweat profusely and oohhhh and aahhh at the sights.  Just like Angkor Wat before, Bayon was no less awe inspiring for having visited before and I wonder now if it will ever lose its ability to astound no matter how many times I visit.

Our desire for breathtaking sights satiated we headed back to where we’d left Auntie Yvonne and sure enough there she was fast asleep but still the picture of Penelope Pitstop elegance but this time minus the scarf.



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