Chips with Cheese and Gravy

It happened in the coffee shop on Sunday morning.  In fairness, I only just managed to stop it happening in the Trafford Centre the Friday before at lunchtime, a well timed glance up stopping me from humiliation.  To be honest, it’s probably happened more than once before, so unaware am I of this embarrassing little habit of mine.

I blame my mum.  Hours of listening to radio 2 whilst growing up have led to me develop a passion for easy listening music or what I term chips with cheese and gravy, music that, like the food, is so wrong but yet so right.

Nothing wrong with enjoying a few guilty pleasures Sara I hear you say.  And I agree, there isn’t.  I love listening to the radio in the morning before and during work (yep, it is radio 2) I’ve got countless playlists in my Spotify account (including one called chips with cheese and gravy) which I listen to at any given opportunity and I have some lovely relaxing music that I fall to sleep to most nights.

And I’m constantly singing in my head. I get an ear worm (sometimes from a song on the radio, others from a phrase I utter or something I see) and sing it incessantly to myself as I go about my day until such point as another song cue comes along to displace it.

All well and good again, that is until my internal voice becomes becomes external and I find myself harmonising to Yesterday Once More by The Carpenters in the middle of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Street 57 in Phnom Penh at 1130am on a Sunday morning.

I first knew something was amiss when the woman to the left of me dropped a teaspoon. I turned to look to see her staring at me open mouthed and it was then I realised.  I grinned sheepishly before sinking down into my chair and turning to look  in the other direction.  Sadly, my crooning hadn’t gone unnoticed by the group of Cambodian teenagers on my right either.  They sat giggling away before one plucked up the courage to express “beautiful singers” followed by a nervous giggle.

Mortified, I hastily packed up my stuff and made my way to the door.  The staff behind the counter smirked, yep I’m pretty sure they heard me too and I’m also pretty positive that as I scuttled out of the door it wasn’t just Karen Carpenter’s dulcet tones I could hear uttering the immortal ‘every shalalala…’


Needless to say, I didn’t go back to find out and will be making more of an effort to keep my passion for singing along to chips with cheese and gravy tunes well and truly inside my head in future.

2 thoughts on “Chips with Cheese and Gravy

  1. Those old melodies…
    Wish I’d heard it, might have made me cry – with laughter!! You’re not alone though, I was cycling beside a Cambodan guy on his moto today and he was singing away to himself, oblivious to the looks he was getting from those he passed.

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