And we’re off

Oh god, I’m here again.  Monkey in the zoo. Sat like one of the 3 stooges on the top table of the training room being looked upon by the assembled crowd.

Time to channel the I’m a professional look.

Hmmm not sure I’m pulling this off.  Never mind, I’m sure one of the 500 photos currently being taken will provide evidence one way or the other..

Flippin heck, Sophea is a numpty.  Poor bugger has no presence what so ever!  Almost like he’s apologising for living.

Why has he stopped talking?

And why the hell is he grinning at me?

Someone give me a frigging clue…

Oh my god, he obviously wants me to say something.

“Blah blah blah blah blah, very happy, excited, looking forward blah blah blah”

Thank god that’s over and as no one’s bothered to translate my benign drivel will be forever a mystery to 90% of the audience.

Oooh face is slipping Sara – shoulders back, interested and intelligent pose adopted

And it’s over to hairy chin….

Waffle, waffle blah blah blah – this guy has all the personality of a pencil and the audience know it.  Lucky buggers, gazing blankly at their phone wandering off to have a pee.  Anything other than listening to this tripe

The floor under that desk is filthy – glad I’m not sitting there – wonderwhen it was last cleaned?  Hmmm, best not think too much about that, that road leads to cockroaches and rats…

Ah, my lovely ladyboy is back.  At least I’ll have his lovely laugh to listen to for the next couple of days.  Cracking nail varnish he’s sporting too

That’s a phone ringing.  Whose is it?

It’s bloody Hairy Chin’s – please don’t tell me he’s going to answer it mid speech

Oh yes he is, looking down at his crotch and muttering inaudibly. Bloody unbelievable!

Damn, he’s not finished speaking.  His breath stinks, wonder if his words do too

Finally, it’s over.  Nearly time for the real show to start.

But first it’s formal photo time.

Plaster on that grin Sara and let the games begin.


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