Shit happens….

And so does puking.   My body is rejecting Cambodia!  Whether it’s the food (had a slightly dodgy Khmer style fast food lunch on Thursday) the incessant heat, the lack of sleep or a combination of all three, the last 24 hours have seen me creating a well-trodden path between my bed and my bathroom.   In the style of any good drama queen I have used the downtime between bathroom trips wisely, fantasising my untimely demise whilst googling the symptoms of dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever and anything else that may prove fatal.  If only I’d brought a thermometer with me I could have confimed that my temperature was indeed 126 degrees rather than just having to guess.


24 hours on and I’m sitting up typing this blog whilst watching Casino Royale and tentatively sipping watered down apple juice (the can politely reminding me to ‘say no to drugs’ everytime I turn it around).  I guess this means I’m not going to die just yet – lucky really as I still have a lot that I want to achieve in my life in flip flops!


Anyway, before I was struck down, my day, as usual, had a few highlights.


Apartment hunting was again on the agenda – 3 to see and below you will find my summary:


  1. Rat toilet and dodgy trap door
  2. Too expensive but very nice landlord family
  3. Something died in the fridge


It’ a good job I quite like the Good Luck Guesthouse I guess!


You may have seen my ‘wildlife’ pics on Facebook yesterday.  Colin the cockroach was actually discovered sitting on Totie’s foot whilst she sat at her desk munching on her breakfast.  Needless to say, neither Colin nor Totie were sitting for long once this discovery was made.  A vague shriek, some frenzied kicking and before I knew it Colin was on his back, outside the door, where he stayed for the rest of the morning.


Had fun in my Khmer class and am actually impressed with the progress I’m making.  I think the fact that pronunciation doesn’t appear to be too much of a problem coupled with my newly discovered f*ck it attitude is helping greatly as I gleefully bartered with our tuktuk driver at lunchtime and cannot resist saying hello, how are you? to everyone I meet – especially bewildered scooter riders stuck in traffic.


At this point I’m going to leave you and get on with what’s left of my day.  It will mainly feature, rehydrating, Skyping and watching TV I think, but who knows, I may brave going out and trying to top up my phone the balance of which I have managed to use in 2 days (God knows how!!!)


Back soon.


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